Caim Suzuki
Caim Suzuki
Personal Information
Birthplace Fire Nation
Creation Date Sat Jul 17 13:55:47 2010
Age 14
Height 4' 10"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Rings of merging reds, blues, and greens.
Combat Information
Rank Novice
Bending Element Fire

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Caim grew up in the Fire Nation, spending his time trying to be like his father. His father being a soldier in the Fire Nation army. He has spent many days and evenings trying to train like his father. But when his father was away he learned about being a kind and compassionate person from his mother. He really grew up on the streets of the captial and always tried to mingle with anyone who would let him. As he grew older he went through the academy making several friends, but never close to being highly popular. Since the war however his father has been gone with no return yet. Caim spends a hour a day waiting at the boarder breaker for his father to return. As the war escalated he started mingling and helping the refugees as often as he can.



Caim appears to stand just a little shorter than five feet. His complexion is lightly tanned, most likely from training under the sun. His eyes barrage you with three rings of merging reds, blues, and greens. His dark brown, soft looking, hair is braided, reaching down to just above the center of his back.
His physique, which is slightly toned, hidden behind his red colored tunic which seems to be a size bigger than it should be. A vest, a darker shade of red than the tunic, rested on top of the tunic. The sleeves of the tunic rolled up a few times to keep from hindering his hands. The pants, the same color as the vest but the size of the tunic.
A thick muddy red sash wrapped around his waist holding his pants and tunic in place. His pant legs rolled up a few times. A pair of moccasins, a reddish-brown color, covers his feet to protect them from the ground. He decided to add a bandanna that with the Fire Nation emblem emblazoned on it, resting in the center of his forehead, some of his hair resting over the bandanna.

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