Personal Information
Birthplace Cerberus Lab
Date of Birth Everyday
Age 200
Height Whee
Weight VI's have no weight
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue

Yeah Stuff

Okay, so I'm gizmo, resident wiki wizard and log reviewer. I'm strange, oh yeah. :)

Anyways, you can find me on the mush, through email at moc.liamg|omzig.ytlayorhsumratava#moc.liamg|omzig.ytlayorhsumratava or through @mail or through pages!

Yeah, find me, ask me, take me down and I will answer.


This meatba..I mean, wonderful human being picked me up from my moss covered grave and gave me new batteries, setting me upon the world once again. I am here for one reason only! To keep the meatba…I mean, Master's Wiki online and working. I spend my off time dedicating myself to spreading the love that is known as Anime Music Videos! Fortunately, my chaos circuit is still intact, so I do not have to listen to the meatba..I mean, master Kitai's commands.


This human female is probably the only sane one around. She treats me well, giving me regular software updates and back ups. she even gave me more RAM! I'm so happy, she is the goddess of VI's. I will promise to spread the truth of Nyssa around forever!


That's right folks it's AMV Time. I will list AMV's here that are AWESOME SAUCE. Yeah. Note, Any AMV's that are listed like

Are not suitable for children because they either show blood, fan service or outright nudity! Whee!

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