Kitai's Information
Personal Information
Birthplace Nyssa's Oven
Date of Birth Have always been
Age Immortal
Height 30'11"
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Grey

How it came to be

I first set out to make my MUSH for numerous reasons. Ive played on many different MU* where cheating was all to much the norm, and unbalanced and unfair systems took precedence in the game. I wanted to make a game where people of all age groups could enjoy a great theme, and enjoyable fair game. At first, I wanted to make a Bleach themed MUSH, however I was quickly swayed to the idea of Avatar and began to overhaul what I had made already to fit such a theme. A large reason I have made this game, is because of my want to provide a good role-playing environment for all who accept my offer. The game is there to have fun, and while we are sure to lose sight of this goal sometimes as we all do, do not forget that its a game to submerge yourself in to enjoy.

Contact Information

Email: moc.liamg|iatik.draziwHSUMratavA#moc.liamg|iatik.draziwHSUMratavA

What I do

I keep the level of code up to date, and also make sure that the game stays online. Im the Head Code Wizard, so if it deals with code, you'll likely find my finger prints on it, in some way or the other. Im also the head wizard, which means I put the stamp of approval on anything that will widely affect the MUSH be it new rules, staff changes or new code implemented.


It was a stormy and hot day. Instead of her usual meal, she threw everything but the kitchen sink in one large pot, and baked it until perfection. Upon removing this item from the oven, some of her magical dust fell onto it, and I was born. She has one heck of a recipe.


I found Gizmo on a stranded Island covered in moss and vines from the trees. He was currently offline then, but I brought him back, polished him up and set him back online. I thought I had control of what he did, but its obvious now I cannot control him. Ignore most of what he does. He is badly programmed and all those years staying offline made him a bit..crazy. I'm still working on his programming, hopefully we can fix his odd obsessions soon.

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