Character Profile
<full name>
Personal Information
Birthplace <Nation of Birth>
Creation Date <date>
Age <age>
Height <feet = ' inches = ">
Weight <in lbs>
Hair Color <hair color>
Eye Color <eye color>
Combat Information
Rank <master, etc>
Bending Element <air,water,earth,fire>

You can add more to the infobox by using this format.

|||| <text> || - is a header
||~ <name> ||= <text> || - results in two cells. The left one has name as a title and the right one has text.
||||~ <text> || - is a grey colored header
~ = grey background

You can also add more sections by using this format!

+ <title>

Also, take a look at the wiki quick reference for more information!

Become familiar with the collapsible tag!

[[collapsible show="show message" hide="hide message"]]

The above in action!




TAGS: At the bottom of the page, you'll find the button that says tags. Click it and add AT LEAST these tags.
<rank> <nation>

Where rank is one of [Avatar, Master, Adept, Novice, Elementary]
Where nation is one of [Earth, Air, Fire, Water]

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